Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Print detail | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Trying out the Creative Commons- I am afraid to open that door- I may get lost inside and it’s a limited time day… Too much to do to play around with pictures.


Print detail | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Print detail

I’m here at the You Show studio again… pestering the gurus of digital media.

Learning how to post images from photo sites such as Flikr, Creative Commons and such.

Trying to figure out ‘attributions, credits and copy rights’? Managed to upload this image, but stilll not confident that I know what I did?! I will try some more…

Time is collapsing!

IMG_1274Here it is Thursday- Studio day for the You Show- Yikes… I haven’t done much of anything with this Blog.

I believe I am a bit paralyzed with the technology… Must go pick Brian and Alan’s brains as mine is still too full of useless data.

Today I need to learn the tech skills to add photos and ’embed’ images and video. I have a week to launch the Community Gardens web site- I’d really like to have some idea of what I’m doing!!!

IMG_1275Yipee! I’m here at the OL You Show Studio and I am monopolizing Brian & and Alan’s tech mastery… I have managed to figure out uplaoding photos (it’s that first button at the top that says Add Media – DUH!)

More photo fun to follow….

My brain is full!


images_6My brain is full of useless information- Some of which I need, some is truly useless! I need to make room for more valuable information without mistakenly ‘trashing’ STUFF I may need some day. I need to ‘categorize and tag’ my own thoughts and memories. And organize the closets of my mind….

What if I delete the Latin term of an important species to make space for the meaning of widgets!? Ahhhhhhh….

This is silly!

Playing with technology

Playing with this technology is akin to playing with fire… I have been burnt repeatedly all day. You think one would learn- but through perseverance I suppose the lessons are branded! Tweeting is a dangerous pastime as well!

The purpose of this exercise in futility is to master this technology and use it as a ‘time saving tool’ for communications.


  • Create a website on wordpress (that I can easily manage) to communicate with people interested in growing. My Community Gardeners, urban agriculture community, gardeners in general, people interested in permaculture, organic garden practices, friends, clients and curious folk.
  • Operate a regular blog to inform, inspire and amuse curious folk.
  • Post my Community Garden Newsletter so that I don’t have to send it out to a few hundred people in a dozen different groups several times over. To reach ALL the curious folk
  • To create a local communication hub ( like an old fashioned bulletin board) where all those curious folk can come to find info and share happenings
  • To master the image gallery and visually share events, Posters, links and other curious happenings.
  • To realize that “tweeting” is not necessary and I’m not all that curious!?

Looking forward to learning what all these bells and whistles are all about?

Hmmm what’s this over here —-> TAGS & CATEGORIES

I do hope when I his publish this time that all this rambling does not get “Tweeted” like the previous post…

Guess I should try to upload a random photo now…IMG_1376Yay- I did it!

What is this little ‘ p ‘ below here- I can’t get rid of it and it doesn’t seem to have a use? Is it like an appendix, that after removal, I’ll discover it’s use?

Winter Blues


Greetings growers of things! January… blah! Especially for those of us who thrive on growth, everything seems dead and grey!

However this is the time of the year for rest, reflection, planning and nurturing energy. Look to nature- it seems inactive, but it is just regrouping, as am I…

Here I sit preparing to document the regrouping process. I am a landscape designer, community garden coordinator, urban farmer and food security advocate. I am hoping to build a web site busting with info on all things growing to share with my clients, friends and community gardeners… or anyone else curious. This ‘blogging’ is a new process for me – I am going to join with the “You Show” and learn all the techy stuff, so bare with me!?